The Beautiful Names of Allah Art Study

In this course, we will explore the most sacred of topics: The Names of Allah Most High. After a presentation of explanation, students will be prompted to reflect and discuss how we see the manifestation of a particular name in the world around us and within us. Following this, we will do an art study of a famous art style, and make our own art piece incorporating one of the names of Allah Most High.

What is an art study? An art study is when an aspiring artist attempts to replicate the works of famous artists with the purpose of exploring new approaches and perspectives on art. In this age-old process, students are exposed to the elements of art such as color, shape, and composition. It also asks the budding artist to engage with new materials, thus giving them new art mediums to feel comfortable with. Because our objective is to focus on the glorious names of Allah Most High, we will study the artists’ work more than their identities or personal stories to keep the content purposeful. The artists we will learn are as follows: Piet Modrian, Willem De Kooning, Rashad Alakbarov, Wassily Kandinsky, Hilma of Klint, Georgia O’Keeffee, Norman Rockwell, Henri Matisse

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